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4 ways to grow your global portfolio through strategic partnerships

Finding the right partner and network is crucial to investing internationally The real estate market is changing at lightning speed, with an increasing amount of investors turning to global opportunities. There are an estimated $25 trillion in real estate assets worldwide, with $150 billion in transactions financed annually. There’s about $25 trillion in RE assets […]

Top 5 Disasters to Avoid when Renovating Your Historic Home

    Historic homes carry tons of charm, but here’s the thing: They often come with truckloads of hidden or weirdly unexpected issues—and may require exorbitant upgrades.  But with smart planning and a few expert tips, you can renovate the historic home of your fantasies. And, hey, why not create some new history while you’re at it? […]

How Investing In Real Estate Can Save You $$$

There are many investments and vehicles to save money in taxes, but one of the best if not the best investment for minimizing your tax liability is real estate. I am not going to tell you this is the best strategy for you, but I am going to tell you that this is the best […]

Tax Benefits When You Own Real Estate

  Owning real estate can make tax season more complex, but many homeowners receive considerable benefits — especially if they sold a home or relocated for a job in the previous year. Here’s a look at three ways homeownership can pay off at tax time. Mortgage interest When you purchase a home, you will likely get […]